19 Dec 2018
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Why Should you Compare Life Insurance ?

You should compare life insurance premiums and the amount of cover you have on a regular basis. Over the last 5 years as more companies have entered the UK life assurance market, the cost of protecting your mortgage & family has come down.

In real terms it has actually never been cheaper to take out life cover.

If you Have Life Assurance in Place Should you Still Compare?

There are so many things to take into account. For example what your current monthly premiums are, how your plan is set up and depending on your circumstances, is your plan still suitable for you ?

We recommend you should compare your cover cost on a regular basis. If you take your policy out through us, we will even do it for you to make sure you are always getting the best cover at the best price.

As time goes on your circumstances change, and your assurance should change to match. A lot can happen in a few years, you could change job, alter your mortgage, move home, get married or have children.

Most people find that by reviewing their cover needs annually, can help them get a much better deal, in terms of policy, cost and suitability.

Cheapest Life Cover Is Not Always Best

When you compare life cover online it is worth remembering that if an assurance policy appears to be much cheaper than others then there is more than likely a very good reason for it.

Some assurance providers now offer low start policies where the premiums rise each year. Some providers will remove options that are normally included in a standard life insurance such as the increasing your life cover with no further medical evidence for things like moving home or having a child.