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Ageas Life Insurance Quotes, with Bestlifeinsurance.co.uk you can compare life insurance quotes with the leading life assurance companies in the UK. You can compare Ageas's life insurance key facts on the more information section of our online quotes system.

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Ageas Life Insurance Advice

At Bestlifeinsurance we aim to give our clients a level of service that is second to none when arranging their life cover and protection needs. We take the time to check simple details that could affect our recommendation on whether an Ageas life assurance policy is right for you.

By checking to see if your medical or family history could affect you life insurance quotes, we can liaise with the assurance company before you apply sometimes saving weeks of time and medical reports.

Life insurance options

You can obtain quotes for the following life insurance products via Ageas and Bestlifeinsurance.co.uk

Ageas Company Information

Fortis have been in the uk offering personal lines of insurance for some time, more recently in 2008 they entered the market to offer a wide range of insurance products. These include Life Insurance, Critical Illness insurance and Income Protection insurance. Fortis currently have approximately 7 million customers and they employ 3000 people across the UK. They are perhaps best known for their product innovation and the real life cover.