19 Dec 2018
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Life Insurance Rates

What are Life Insurance Rates ?

The life insurance rates you get with an online life cover quote system always assumes you are healthy. Many of us though may not be able to obtain stand premiums.

So What Affects Life Assurance Rates ?

What you initially see offered on most websites are the best life insurance rates, based on the basic information you put in. That’s your age, smoking status, sex, occupation and how much cover you want.

The real price for life assurance rates is actually based on your individual circumstances, your hobbies, your current & previous health history and your height & weight.

Even your families medical history also has a big effect.

It’s not just major health problems you may have suffered from either.

The minor things also have an effect on the way life insurance rates are calculated, for example:

Asthma, blood pressure, raised cholesterol, depression, or simply being slightly overweight, these are all everyday things that will have an effect on your monthly premium.

To complicate matters further, every assurance provider has their own way of looking at things, no two assurance companies are the same.

Unfortunately insurers don’t usually increase things by small amounts either, the starting increase to your monthly premium is generally 50%, so if your screen best price is for example, £50 per month and it goes up, it could easily be £75 immediately.

Finding the right company to suit your specific circumstances could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Discounted Life Insurance Rates

When you receive a quote for life insurance the initial commission the insurance company pays to the company that arranges your policy also affects the rates you will receive. At Best Life Insurance we sacrifices up to 50% of the initial commission we receive from the provider to reduce the monthly life insurance premiums you will pay.

Rated Life Assurance Advice

If you have an illness or injury and are concerned that may not be able to obtain standard rates on your life assurance please contact us. Our advisors have access to underwriters at all the leading assurance companies. They can take down your medical history to establish a guide to the best life cover rate available without the need for medicals or long appellation forms.