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Mortgage Protection Insurance

What is a Mortgage Protection Policy ?

Mortgage protection is avavilable in two different types, mortgage payment protection and mortgage income protection insurance.

Mortgage Payment Protection

Mortgage protection is the most common type of assurance to cover your mortgage payments and other related costs in the event of you losing your regular monthly income for a variety of reasons.

Whilst having mortgage protection is not usually a mandatory requirement when you take out a mortgage, can you honestly say that you are confident of you or your family being able to meet your mortgage repayments in the event of any unforeseen circumstances which life may throw at you?

Any number of things could put you in this situation, for example:

It is an unfortunate fact that any of these things could happen to any of us at any time. Quite simply, by taking out mortgage protection you will be protecting yourself and your family against the risk of losing your home.

Income Protection Insurance

If you do not require redundancy cover but would like to protect your mortgage for a longer period of time then it is worth considering income protection cover. This type of protection will typically provide cover for a longer term, usually until the end of your mortgage, to take you up to retirement age or until you are able to return to work.

For more information on this type of mortgage protection please refer to the income protection insurance section of our website.

Things to Know About Mortgage Protection Insurance

Are there any options I can have ?

Mortgage Protection Insurance Advice

If your would like to speak to a financial advisor bout mortgage protection insurance our financial advisors can advise you on all your protection options. Simply complete our life insurance advice form and advisor will call you to discuss you protection needs.